【bet入口注册】曼城转会主管:如果梅西转会 曼城会尝试去签他

   The contract between Messi and Barcelona expires next summer, and in two months, Messi can contact other teams. Now Manchester City’s transfer manager personally stated that Manchester City is indeed interested in taking over Messi.


  Berrada (Omar Berrada) is Manchester City's chief operating officer, he is a key figure in the Manchester City transfer decision process. Now he has accepted an interview and admitted that Manchester City intends to accept Messi.

布拉达(Omar Berrada)是曼彻斯特城的首席运营官,他是曼彻斯特城转会决定过程中的关键人物。现在他已经接受了采访,并承认曼城打算接受梅西。

Velada said: "Messi has great talents. He is a player who can immediately have a major impact on a club, both on and off the court. He is the best player in the world and the best player of this generation. I think the world Any club will explore the possibility of Messi joining the team."


"Some media said that Messi wants to play for Manchester City. This statement also proves one point from the side. That is, Manchester City has made great progress in the past few years. It is difficult to guess what will happen in the summer. You look at Barcelona. What happened in the past two weeks, you will find things in Mingxia almost impossible to guess."


"Messi is the best player in the world. Our plan has been realized on the basis of the current team, but Messi may be a potential investment outside of our plan. We are indeed considering this opportunity. For every position, We all have to plan. I think we have sufficient financial strength and the right system to make this major investment when needed."


"Of course, the fact that we can make decisions with peace of mind does not mean that we have to rush to make decisions. First, we have Aguero and Jesus, who are among the best strikers in the world. Second, whether we are or not. Next season or the following season, when deciding to invest in signings, it must be based on the appropriate financial situation and at the right price."


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